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That Game's on Steam too.

Hi, I loved the game and the story! And the jumpscare got me good, almost fell from my chair T_T I would love to see more of this, and if possible, to have more options to choose in the story, different endings. Thank you for the experience, I'm looking forward for more :)


hello! thank you for liking the story! it's a part of the larger interconnected AppSir universe, and you will see these characters come back in another game :) check out our profile for more!

thanks! will do ^^

That jumpscare in the end really scared me, honestly this wasn't what i was expecting. The premise is interesting but the fact that she had a baby inside her while she was, well dead kind of broke me a little. It's nice, music's nice too.

Finished it a few days ago, really liked it, can't wait for more !


thank you! this is part of a shared universe for all our games :)

Clint made the correct choice. "I have never seen this woman in my life! I don't know why she's in my house, unless it's to murder my waifu, and I can't let that happen."


Interesting game! Sort of a Black Mirror feel eh?

I made a video for it, should be live soon. I'll stay tuned for more :)

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Just subscribed! I'd like to think the whole intertwined story of the AppSir Universe is based on technology and horror. Can't wait to show you more!

Excited to see more, video is now up by the by. I'll definitely have to play the others!

Great game! Short but very good. I loved the story and the characters. Will make sure to play future games from you and might also play more of the games you've made in the past since this got me interested =)

thank you! welcome to the AppSir Universe! dont forget to install OpenAL sound engine though since the past games need that for most of the SFX as only music will play if not. thank you so much! looking forward to more videos! subscribed. loved the description haha :D

very well done!  I loved it,  very creepy and thought provoking,  I'm still trying to figure out exactly what happened,  but hopefully it becomes more apparent in future entries! 
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Another great entry to the Dere Evil Exe universe. This feels more tech horror (a la Black Mirror inspired) then the prior games I have played, but it's trending more towards a more "mature" feeling setting. The writing is on point as well. LOVE IT!

Well that was trippy. I"ll have a video of my experience up later today!


can't wait! thank you for playing AND making a video too! excited to watch it!