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-Made a Video. (Old Video)


Ah, we're back again! This game is just as well done as the original. I saw very few differences though, and there are still controller bugs. I've already messaged you about them but most mechanics aren't working when using a crontrollier, ie: the 'reverse' portion of the game. It'd be awesome to add an alternative 'punishment' mechanic for those who find the controller input loophole to these games. Otherwise, everything was great! I love the story, as always. The atmosphere is a fantastic combination of jump scares, amazing audio engineering and retro platformer goodness! Thanks for remastering this! It was definitely fun and I did WAY better than I did the first time!

is this really the sequal

THe Last Yandere Part 2 is coming soon . THe sequel to this game is called DERE EVIL .EXE and it is also coming soon

sweet i really liked the last yandere short but fun


Disclaimer: I got very angry playing your game, so don't take offense to anything I say in the moment. I don't HATE your game, and it DEFINITELY doesn't suck, lol.

SPOILERS AHEAD - Kinda, I guess.

Anywho, this game had a phenomenal atmosphere. It nailed the bouncy old-school platformer vibe with the sound effects and the music. The jumpscares and glitches were classic and definitely caught me off guard, and when the game switched I was genuinely in awe. The character models and overall art style of the game was gorgeous and really threw me back to the original GAMEBOY days. I got SUPER into this game, and was determined to complete it, but alas, I wasn't able to. It may just be a Windows issue, but on multiple accounts the character would stop moving, randomly slow down, or the game would crash entirely. Upon crash, the closest load to the end of the game that I could select was Lv4.

I DEFINITELY plan to pick this back up once I'm able to record gameplay on my iPhone! The game itself was phenomenal and I can't wait to get deeper into this work of art. I hope you enjoy my delirious rage and I hope I don't weird you out too much. I kind of lose my mind, here. Thank you SO much for making this game!

I went back and finished it! This was phenomenal. I'm definitely going to pick up the rest of your games just to get the full story of this. Can't wait for the sequel!!

I get a crash after I drop the "set me free" phrase... It's true!

I was the anime the whole time!


OPS.... I played the game......



Me: installs the game