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Explore three glitched worlds filled with traps and dangerous technologies. Hyper Glitch Fortress is a fast-paced reaction-based retro action platformer with simple controls and challenging levels in the vein of old 16bit classic games.

Lurking in the shadows, the Illuminati's mystery monster is preparing for its attack. Hyper Glitch Fortress - Retro Action Platformer is the sequel to AppSir, Inc.'s Monument Rush 2 and Where Blocks Fall. Will our heroes survive?

Follow the old school odyssey of two hyper flippy heroes and their hyper light feet as they do, parkour flips, wall runs, land slides, and a ninja dash to survive glitch traps and boss fights in a deadly, almost 8bit / 16bit -like hyper glitch tower fortress.

The hyper glitch tower fortress is filled with traps that react to your every move. You have ninja dash and parkour flippy flip powers. The Illuminati has a mystery monster with vague demi god-like powers. You have 2 minutes to go through each level.

Are you smarter than the Illuminati? Or is the hyper glitch tower fortress going to end you? Don't just standby. Download this AppSir, Inc. game to find out!

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