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Monument Rush 2 : Metro City Illuminati Odyssey is so easy you don't need instructions. Tap once to jump. Tap again while in the air to double jump.

Monument Rush 2 : Metro City Illuminati Odyssey is the latest update to the 2nd chapter of the Monument Rush saga. Run through a futuristic city on an ancient valley filled with monuments and pillars. Avoid the Illuminati Drones that stand in your way. Pick up power ups and weapons to even the score. Monument Rush 2: Odyssey to the Valley of Destiny is the biggest update to the MR2 game yet. Download for free!

You do a 720 front flip through a targeted mirror, trusting your reflexes and concentration to survive your jump and an Illuminati drone chasing you from behind. You then run at terminal velocity to make another jump, only to end up colliding with a Sky Train.

Going on a one-man war against the Destiny Illuminati has always been synonymous with suicide. That all changed when in the first AppSir Game, Monument Rush, you earned amazing action parkour powers that would allow you to flip jump and avoid (sometimes within an eyelash) triangular Illuminati drones while you run 75 miles an hour. How far can you trust your parkour flip jump before making a last minute double jump to avoid ending up squishy goo of broken bone? Is double jump even physically possible? Should you calculate your parkour jumps precisely or just throw caution to the wind?

This Pinoy-made parkour game boasts a super simple one finger control system and a reckless disregard for the laws of physics. Running through targeted mirrors and jumping over enemies are keys to reaching the city valley's edge and surviving this insanely fun side-scrolling action packed physics-based challenge. Just tap the screen to make the endless running man flip jump, tap again to double jump. This seemingly infinite action runner has obstacles in the form of reptilian dinosaurs, Illuminati robots, Illuminati planes, black knight satellites, exploding trains, swordsmen, monuments, and futuristic hipster tech Philippine city rooftops and cyber valleys to make this game exciting. Fast reflexes, alertness, concentration, good memory and nerves of steel are needed to edge out competition and climb the leaderboard ranks with your target score. Challenge your friends to beat your high score in this epic, insanely fun, and addictive Monument Rush game from AppSir, Inc.

Will you chase your destiny? Download Monument Rush 2 : Metro City Illuminati Odyssey by AppSir, Inc. now!

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