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just wanted to leave a comment saying that I love this game, and also there was a glitch that scared the living heck out of me. I opened the game and I clicked to hear the password. It kept overlapping and glitching noises were in the background. The game closed by itself

ooh i can tell you that wasn't intentional. I'm sorry about that

no problem.. in a way it kind of added to the atmosphere of the game :) 

is so sad.

Good game, i liked the art style and the twist. Made a video of me playing the full game for anyone interested:


With finishing this game, I have officially played and beaten every game in your yandere series. I. AM. IN. LOVE. I played dere evil first and went backwards from there, so this was the last game I played, I spent most of my time freaking out over the names and events that appeared. Now I'm working through the rest of your games on mobile, trying to find every detail. every game from At proxima B to monument valley to Hyper glitch tower. I have never been so dedicated to discovering a story as the one you have crafted AppSir.

почему нет русс язык?

yoo played your game and really enjoyed it a lot, the art style is quite good and i was for sure surprised with that ending

also did a Let´s play of it

here is the first part

Just finished all the 3 games, Sosority, The last, and Dere.EXE but i didn;t get all the connections right... is there a new one coming up? and where can i stay updated...this is literally the first mobile game that i truly enjoyed and i might just go back through them to try and understand the story.

Keep up the good work guys :)

The new one is on the way it's called DERE EVIL .EXE and it stars Yanna and Myles :) There's also a very old Sega Genesis game called The Other Yandere. I guess the best bet is to follow us here and subscribe to our Youtube, because we upload a vid on every update :) Thank you so much!

awesome! can't wait... subbed to your channel also :)

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huh why cant i do story im only getting the house thing 

(i came for the vn not horror)

it is there.  there's a folder named Sorority Rites- Visual Novel


Another amazing visual novel from The Last Yandere saga! I loved the details and the story, although I'm not sure if I got it al right. I'm sure DERE EVIL will clear things up once it's released. The atmosphere was awesome and super dark. The sounds and art went along with the story and setting really well. And I loved the playable mini game at the beginning! The only thing that I'd suggest for this one is maybe making choices in there somewhere? It was literally all just reading. Don't get me wrong, I loved it! But I liked how The Last Yandere had choices that could lead you to an alternate ending or alternate things to happen while still preserving the lore. Thanks so much for making this! I did this one in three parts, just like TLY. :D


Here's part 2!


Aaaaand here's part 3!

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Thank you so much man! You're the first ever person to do a playthrough of this. THANK YOU! This is my girlfriend's first game and she is so happy with your vid. Hope you like the next games too! I put a comment in the video!

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Well... I just updated this game. Now you can explore the house in 3D in the House Tour app.

also, there's our award-winning game DERE .EXE :) I know you'll like that one. and i know you know about 'The Last Yandere'

Thank you so much!