After uncovering a GameBoy cartridge haunted by a malignant force, a guilt-ridden scientist involved in sinister experiments must face his fears and relive the terrifying nightmares of his past.


MoveDirectional ButtonsWASD / Arrow Keys
Jump / Double JumpB ButtonX / K / CTRL
Interact / ChoiceA ButtonZ / J / ALT

 is an authentic GameBoy horror game that can be played on real hardware using a flashcart but can also be played on other consoles or emulation devices. We also provide a digital ROM file compatible with the Analogue Pocket.

You can load the digital ROM file on your favorite emulator, but we highly recommend choosing the original GameBoy black and white mode with four shades of green as seen on our screenshots. This is because the game was designed with the original GameBoy and GameBoy Pocket in mind. However, should you choose to play on the GameBoy Color, please switch to a more appropriate color palette to not to ruin the immersion. The default colors the GameBoy Color uses (the bright blues and greens) will not be appropriate for the experience.

I've been working on this on and off for over a year and it's nice to have finally released it. The demo is free, but if you liked it and are intrigued by the concept, please consider donating or buying the full game so we can make more games like this one. Please consider rating the game as well. Thank you so much.

If you want to learn more about our universe of horror games, join our Discord server! Here's an invite link for you: AppSir Games Discord


You can obtain a physical release of PHOBOS DERE .GB from Limited Run Games. Includes an authentic Game Boy cart, retro box, and a decadent instruction booklet. Available only until 23:59 ET of September 25, 2022, so secure your copy while you still can:


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

In order to download this GameBoy ROM you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

PHOBOS DERE .pocket 1 MB

Download demo


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No songs, very sad((

bogos binted...

How do you open the game?


Hi! You need a Game Boy emulator to open the .GB file and play the game :)

How do I put the GB file in the game boy emulator by the way I am on Android

In the emulator for Android, there will be a button “go to file” or something similar. And you just select the file of the game you downloaded here


Hello appsir creaters.

I don't know why my card can't pay directly,but only use wechat or alipay,in that case,I got all games on steam which can be browsed in china.But these two new games connot be bought though that way.

Would you pleased to upload these new games on Steam?And when will Dere vengence come on line?

GB Studio?


Yet another amazing game by Appsir inc. :D


Had a great time playing the demo! I really liked the song played at the end. Great job! Got my follow! :D


I cannot figure out the code for the chest in the statue room! I can see the symbols nearby and I’m pretty sure I get what it’s pointing to (trying not to post any spoilers) but every combo I’ve tried hasn’t worked. Any tips? Kinda stuck

Did you figure it out. Can’t seem to crack this one. I see the symbols on the pyramid but don’t know where their from.

nope! moved on and finished the game - not sure if solving that gives you another ending

ok thanks!

where is the full game?

hello! the full game is available now. you can click the "Download Now" button below the demo or the one below the page.

The name of the ROM containing the full game is named "PHOBOS DERE .GB"


Nice errie atmosphere. Get scared a few times in the demo. Fun.

thank you so much! i watched both the videos and i enjoyed your reactions to the game. thank you. we've got more games. i hope you check some of our other major releases as well!

really liked the game, any tips for the pyramid puzzle? Tried to really think around this one but I’m stumped :(

It was funny when I was scared during the first conversation with the character, and then someone suddenly ran

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I highly recommend buying this game whether you play Game Boy games or not. This game of AppSir is unique! It got me hooked that I played it twice already and it still gives me the same jump scares. 


Honestly? This game keeps leaving me speechless. The style is super cute imo, and the game is challenging - as it should be. It was definitely worth it :D
Looking forward to next games!! <3