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In 1982, the Institute started its experiments on an 8-Bit platformer game starring a hero named Kingsly. Participants were instructed to find lost cassette tapes in the game to win. Despite the casualties brought upon by the seemingly cursed game, the research was considered a success.


Move O and P
Jump Space
Climb Up /  Climb Down
Q and A


PRIMA DERE ZX is an authentic ZX Spectrum game that can be played on a 48k/128k machine and other hardware. Alternatively, you can play the game on a ZX Spectrum emulator such as Speccy. If you don't know how to load a tape game, enable auto-load in the hardware settings for the emulator. You can also enable "Fast Tape Loader" so you don't have to wait minutes for the game to load!

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Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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primaderezx.tap 39 kB


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Looks really visually nice. No screen names though? ;c I'll probably try this when I get the chance, I love this tiling style


Is the screen name the name for every room? Yeah, you're right that would have been rad. Thank you so much for the kind words and for getting the game! I'm looking forward to you experiencing it!


It is. I just played and beat the game :D The years of playing Jet Set Willy and Top Hat Willy paid off! I enjoy having more than 9 lives here. I got to the end with 76 left. Thanks for a wonderful time!


I haven't emulated the Spectrum (or played any ZX games before). Took awhile to figure out configs, but I'm having a blast with this fun little gem!


Some familiar mechanics here :)


grateful for you, minilop! your tutorials and the forums have helped immensely. thank you!


Thanks, glad you found them useful, and a great first speccy game too, look forward to seeing more!


I thought this was excellent, with a great build from start to finish. Well worth playing to the end.

thank you so much for the kind words!

Is there a demo playable file?

Unfortunately no but please buy it when you can. People have been raving about it so I say it's worth it ;)

Ok. Best wishes.


Nice game!

Thank you for playing our game! I'm glad you liked it. I hope you get the chance to finish it too one day. Thanks again!


To be honest, those games are the ones i find the most scary, so it was surely an experience. Keep up the awesome work!!! <3